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Website Redesign Services

So you've looked at your website and it just doesn't have that old zing, eh? Perhaps it was built many years ago, when technology wasn't anywhere near today's levels. Or maybe the site was designed by a friend/nephew/second cousin, twice removed, and you now feel compelled to get it professional redesigned. Regardless, coming to the conclusion that you need to do something is a good first step.

What we'll do with you is talk about your existing site, what you like about it, and what you don't like about it. We'll determine how much of the existing content we can use, and what we'll need to access it. Then we'll start talking about all of the new features that you're going to want in your site. We'll sit around our conference table, and using our projection system, view various websites and discuss a strategy. After the meeting, in a few days, we'll present a proposal to redesign the website.

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