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Thorny's Steakhouse & Saloon is a Myrtle Beach-based restaurant that offers prime rib, steaks, seafood, ribs and pasta. The site offers a 3D Tour, information on the 80oz steak challenge, franchise info, and an online store that features site owner management.


Tap League, LLC is the best amateur billiards league in North America. This large site features a database-driven league locator system, links to POOL-net, a comprehensive statistics system, business opportunities information, photo and video galleries, and links to the online store.


Big and Tall Guys is an ecommerce site offering hundreds of products in varying sizes and color, with all inventory controlled and manipulated through a series of databases. The comprehensive admin section allows for product entry, order retrieval, the setting of discounts (from individual products to sitewide) and shipping rates, and more.


Readco Kurimoto, LLC is a 100+ year old manufacturing facility that supplies continuous mixers to the food, chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical industries. The site features a wide range of informational pages, a photo gallery, testimonials and more.

CNC Provisions is a Durham, NC-based distributor of Boar's Head brand provisions. The site features a "digicatessen", a digital delicatessen that shows all of their food products along with complete product information.


Myrtle Beach Jet Ski promotes a wide range of water sports. All of the photos are uploaded by the client and auto-resized into thumbnails and enlargements. An extensive admin section handles product manipulation (add/edit/delete), order fulfillment, FAQs, and other editable pages. The site makes extensive use of databases.


The Dag's Rags is a North Carolina-based reseller of recycled clothing. The company takes used or discarded clothing and "recycles" it through redesign and repurposing. The database-driven ecommerce website offers secure shopping, easily searchable products and an administrative area that allows the site owner to manage his store, from adding/editing/deleting products to printing invoices for order fulfillment.


Vacation Equipment Rentals is a Myrtle Beach-based vacation rentals store that supplies visitors to the Grand Strand with a wide range of products. There's an online store that is managed by the site owner, online brochures and extensive beach links.


Wholesale Candles Cheap is the online store of Pennsylvania-based "The Candle Man", offering handcrafted candles with 30+ years experience behind them. This ecommerce site has been online for nearly a decade. There's a nice color/scent chart, and databases control the entire ordering process through the secure checkout.


Answering Tampa Bay is a Florida-based company that has been in business for over 30 years. The website is the company's main promotional piece. Answering Tampa Bay also contracted to have search engine optimization (SEO) services, and they now enjoy Top 10 Rankings in major keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


The Grand Strand Bookkeeping is a Myrtle Beach-based sole-proprietorship whose owner has many years experience with Intuit's Quickbooks and Microsoft Office products. The site also has been search engine optimized (SEO) and currently has many Top 10 Rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Grand Strand Fix-it is the answer to many homeowner's prayers: a handyman service that is reliable, trustworthy, has great expertise, and reasonable rates. Based in Little River, SC, has testimonials online from area homeowners, and examples of the types of work performed.


Carolina Forest Air is a Myrtle Beach-based heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company that provides residential and commercial electrical service throughout the Grand Strand. The site covers the company's services, special offers, products for sale and frequently asked questions.


Rappahannock Mattress is a Fredericksburg, VA-based bedding and furniture reseller, offering high-quality memory foam and other mattresses. The database-driven ecommerce website offers secure shopping, and an administrative area that allows the site owner to manage his store, from adding/editing/deleting products to printing invoices for order fulfillment.


The Coastal Journal is based in Myrtle Beach, SC and is a publication for locals that showcases business and entertainment. The current issue is available electronically, along with a rate card, distribution and demographics information.


The Grand Strand Technology Expo is an annual showcase of technology, covering private sector business, public sector government, and the education community. The 2010 show was held in February with nearly 1,000 visitors and 45 vendors. The website allowed vendors to register and pay online, and provided detailed information for attendees.


Southeastern Training Associates, Inc.'s site employs a Flash animation on the home page along with crisp graphics and photos throughout the site. The site is designed to provide information in a quick, easy-to-understand format. The contact form contains anti-spam code to protect the client from receiving malicious content via email.


The The Carolina Insurance Group is a service provider of employee benefit needs. The website contains information on the various products and services they offer, frequently asked questions and answers, bios and contact information.


Samuel Gordon, LLC is the home of the Breidner Linguistic Method, which enables people to read another language without study or memorization, by reading their own language. The database-driven ecommerce website offers secure shopping, easily searchable products and an administrative area that allows the site owner to manage his store, from adding/editing/deleting products to printing invoices for order fulfillment.


Grand Strand Blue Star Mothers is a Loris, SC-based non-profit group of mothers who have children or spouses serving in the military. One of the group's activities is to send "care" packages overseas to troops. The site is database-driven, from the photo galleries to Notes from Troops to the events page and more, allowing the site owner the ability to instantly add, edit and delete.


The Edgeworth Law Firm site provides a look into William Foster Edgeworth, III, Esquire and his law firm. A man of the people, "Josh", as he is known, practices in a wide range of legal disciplines, is a devoted family man, and drives a 1969 VW Bus. Read his blog, "The Justice Bus", for further insight into him and his law firm.


The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association site is quite extensive, with over 3,000 pages of information and articles. From classified ads to email blasts, from secure online registrations to extensive content management and manipulation of published articles, member databases and more, the PFMA site has one of the most extensive use of site admin of any site we've created.


Grand Strand Provisions is a Boar's Head Distributor whose territory stretches from Wilmington, NC throughout the entire Grand Strand of South Carolina. The site allows GSP's customers to place orders online, download useful training and promotional materials, and direct their customers to the site for useful and entertaining information. This site makes extensive use of databases for controlling log-ins, the ordering process, news and frequently asked questions.


Sunset Dental is an advanced technology dental center with a tremendous, caring team of dental professionals. The site highlights the various services and procedures that they offer, and includes a Smile Gallery showing "Before" and "After" pictures. The upkeep of the site is controlled by staff through a database-driven administrative section.